I could not be happier with my entire experience with Dr. Shenaq and his staff. The results of the surgery are absolutely perfect. I look better than I even imagined I would. He chose the perfect size implant to fit my body. Everyone at his office, as well as the surgery center were so kind and comforting and they answered every question I had. I will absolutely recommend Dr. Shenaq to everyone I know. He and his team have transformed my life.


I never thought it would happen to me – it did and I am now a cancer survivor.

because of you the entire process was made much more bearable – and allowing me to focus on something positive – who would not want “newer, perky boobs” at 51? In addition, I feel much better than I have in years.

Thank you so very much for all the time and patience you gave to Barry and me. Barry’s mom died of breast cancer and he was very afraid. Having you as my surgeon made it easier for him to believe that I would be okay – not just okay, but better! You made all of that happen and there are no words or enough paper to sincerely thank you. Please know Barry and I think the world of you!

All the best,

I am so happy with the results I got from my recent breast augmentation performed by Jay M. Shenaq M.D., F.A.C.S. Before my surgery, I was very insecure about my breast’s appearance. At one time in my life I was a small D size and was very perky. But after breastfeeding for a year and of of course over time, my breast became very deflated and saggy. My small D size turned into a small C and all my perkiness turned into just a lot of excess skin. I also had a very noticeable size difference between my two breasts.

At my annual well woman exam, I told my OBGYN about my insecurities and she referred me to Dr. Shenaq. She told me he was one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Houston so I scheduled a consultation with him. I was very nervous at first, however, Dr. Shenaq and his entire staff made me feel so comfortable. Everybody was wonderful.

The one thing I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about having a procedure done by Dr. Shenaq is to trust his opinion and his recommendations. When I first met with him, I went in with my own agenda and he was concerned my agenda wouldn’t work as well. And he explained his concerns, but I stuck to my agenda… until the morning of my procedure when I let go and put all my trust in him. And, I’m so glad I did. What I wanted, would not have worked as well. What he recommended, did work and it worked beautifully.

The surgery was pretty painless for me. I had a nice recovery and no problems. I am as full and perky as ever and I don’t have a size difference between my two breasts anymore. I think I look great and I feel so much better. My husband also thinks I look great and so do my friends.

The final thing I would like to say about my breast augmentation procedure is how much I got for the price. I couldn’t believe it. At first, it may seem expensive until you realize what you get. Not only did Dr. Shenaq meet with me a few times before my actual surgery date to go over things, etc., he also me with me a lot afterwards to make sure I was healing properly. That was all included in the total cost. Also included in the total cost was a very expensive support bra, the cost of the surgery center as well as the anesthesiologist’s fees. I was very surprised at how much I got.

I have no regrets about my great augmentation and I’m looking forward to seeing Dr. Shenaq and his staff again for future procedures.



I don’t know how to even begin to thank you. You truly saved my life. My family and I have so much to be thankful for and celebrate – and it all because of you. You made it all possible. We will be grateful to you forever. Your skill and brilliance as a surgeon is apparent. You made me whole again, in body and spirit. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and compassion; for your care and sincere concern.
You’re an amazing doctor and beautiful soul.

Many, many thanks, hugs and love,

“When I went to Dr. Shenaq’s office for the first time to consult about a breast augmentation, I really didn’t believe I’d ever go through with the surgery. Having researched all the things that could go wrong I didn’t think I could justify the risk for the gain. However, after a half hour in which I had all my questions answered and fears allayed, I left the office with the realization that I might actually be able to change something about myself that had bothered me for years.

Dr. Shenaq was courteous, professional and attentive from that initial consultation all the way through the post-surgery appointments. Whenever I had concerns or questions I felt comfortable calling the office to discuss. Going into surgery, I felt confident that Dr. Shenaq understood my desired results and would do all in his power to achieve those results.

My initial wishes were to achieve a natural look that would not be obviously altered in the professional environment in which I work. After conducting measurements during the consultation, Dr. Shenaq suggested a size that would provide me with the fullness that I desired, but still appear natural on my body.

My breasts post-surgery are exactly as I hoped they’d be. The surgical costs were all handled as arranged prior to surgery and the experience on the day of the surgery (at Memorial Southwest) was one of the best hospital experiences I’ve had.

I have no regrets and would refers anyone to this office in the future.”


Most women (including myself) have a visit to a Plastic Surgeon’s office on their wish list. The idea of changing or improving your image is always enticing and fills us with vanity and excitement. Not in my case. I went to see Dr. Shenaq looking for someone who could give me hope and back what I was about to loose. I was loosing my breast to cancer. Friends, relatives and family advised me to look for second and third opinions before making my decision. The first time I saw Dr. Shenaq, immediately I knew I didn’t need to look any further. My fears anguish and despair magically disappeared. His staff was friendly and attentive, but most important, compassionate. Their friendly smiles and welcoming words were always refreshing. If they were having a bad day, nobody knew. Behind a happy staff, there is always a great boss.

Technically, my surgery was uneventful and successful. The psychological effects were difficult to handle. The light of my days after surgery was looking forward to my next appointment, longing to hear Dr. Shenaq’s positive and encouraging words and joke with the staff. I strongly believed my follow up visits, helped intensely in my psychological healing. Dr. Shenaq might not know, but he not only took care of my body, he also took care of my spirit. Lifting it up not allowing the cancer to crushed it.

Very soon Dr. Shenaq’s job will be completed. Way beyond my expectations are the results. I will soon be discharged and will leave his office with a bitter-sweet feeling. Happy that Dr. Shenaq gave me back what cancer took from me, and sad that I will not see, talk and laugh with “my friends‚” regularly as I became accustomed.

I told Dr. Shenaq once he and his staff were addicting. He laughed. I know I will be back with something to fix or hide in order to keep in touch with this wonderful group of people, especially to be in the hands of a gifted, cordial and honest human being. It takes ears of schooling, lack of sleep, personal sacrifices to become a care giver. “Hi, my name is Dr. Shenaq”, was all it took me to know I was in front of the greatest.


Please know that I am extremely grateful to you for the amazing results from your reconstructive surgeries. You have reconstructed breasts for me that are very natural-looking, symmetrical, well-proportioned and beautiful. The end result of my reconstructive process demonstrates that not only are you an exceptionally skilled surgeon, you are also an artist and a magician!

Thank you for your treatment, kindness and generosity as I understand a very difficult experience in my life. At this point I feel healthy, strong and very positive, and I could not be more pleased with your incredible work.

As a small token of my gratitude, I would like to give you something that is natural, symmetrical, well-proportioned and beautiful.

Best Regards,

Aside from Dr. Shenaq’s education, training, accreditations and experience he truly cares for his patients. As a patient who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer I have visited an endless list of doctors. What sets Dr. Shenaq apart is the way he takes the time to carefully evaluate each patient and treat them as an individual. Not only did he take the time to address my concerns as a Breast Cancer patient but he also explained the most effective options to enhance my appearance without compromising the effectiveness of my treatment. He also consulted with all my doctors to make sure his plan did not affect anything else. He truly tailored my surgery to my body and my treatment needs. Technically he is precise and meticulous which is exactly what a patient strives to find when entrusting someone with your looks and health. The results of my reconstruction are fantastic. He pays particular attention to detail and takes time to get things just right. Thru Dr. Shenaq’s surgery I’ve regained a natural-looking appearance and achieved the feeling of fulfillment I had before I was diagnosed. If you want an involved, knowledgeable and skilled professional with exceptional bedside manner I would highly recommend him and his team.